The Complete Cat Owner Package to a Vacation

The Complete Cat Owner Package to a Vacation

Isn't it strange how stressful planning a vacation can be? By the end of it, most of us feel we need more time off to recuperate. Taking your pet or ensuring his or her well being while you're away is another source for stress. To help reduce your tension level, we've assembled a series of stories to act as guideposts on your journey. If you are unsure whether to take your pet, see the story Traveling with Your Cat.

You may decide that your pet is better off at home (especially if he has the habit of leaving his own "mark" on historical landmarks), but Aunt Molly has just made herself scarce. Learn the advantages/disadvantages of kennels versus sitters with the following stories:

  • Should You Board Your Cat. A tough question in light of the feline's loathing for sudden change, not to mention your absence.
  • Kenneling Your Cat. This article tells you how to find the right kennel for your pet, where he can make new friends and have an enjoyable, or at least tolerable, time while you're away.
  • Getting a Pet Sitter For Your Cat. A pet sitter can be an excellent choice, but you should know what questions to ask in advance, and what to look for in a good sitter.

    If you decide Fluffy hasn't lived until he has seen the nation's capital, you can learn what you need to do to prepare for a flight with your pet, what to bring and what to do in case of emergency. You can also learn the pros and cons of sedation during trips as well.

  • Airline Requirements For Cats differ from carrier to carrier. Before booking any flights, you should learn how they affect your travel plans. Otherwise, your pet may not be able to travel with you.
  • International Travel For Cats can be relatively easy or darn near impossible, depending on your itinerary. For instance, some countries, like Great Britain, require a 6-month quarantine for pets, which would effectively preclude bringing them.
  • Keeping a Vacation Checklist of the things you need to do is always helpful when planning a vacation. For an overview on how to get ready for a trip with your pet, see On the Road with Your Cat. These stories can help prevent you from letting those pesky details from running away from you.
  • On any trip, even to the veterinarian, you should have a quality Carrier For Your Cat. These stories will tell you what to look for in a good carrier.
  • Cars and cats don't go together too well. Many cats are quite frightened of the car and will do anything to leave. For more information, see the story Driving Fluffy.
  • Motion sickness can affect cats as well as people – and a sick pet does not make an enjoyable traveling companion. Find out how to treat and even prevent motion sickness.
  • Sedation is a controversial topic among pet owners and veterinarians. You should learn the pros and cons of sedation before making this important decision with the help of your veterinarian.
  • If a medical emergency should occur, are you ready? You should always bring a Pet First Aid Kit For Your Cat and Know What To Do in your pet becomes ill while on vacation.

    When you're on the road with your pet, you should already have a list of pet-friendly hotels. Be sure to learn what "hotel etiquette" means by seeing the story Hotel Etiquette – Being Invited Back!

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