Tip for a Litter box That Really Works

Here is a tip about a litter box that really works from one of our PetPlace.com users:

Dear Petplace.com,

I want to share a tip about a litter box that really works. The best litter boxes I have for my 8 cats were not intended to be litter boxes at all! The very best are clear plastic ornament storage boxes with one side cut away to make for easy access.These boxes are better than regular storage containers because the bottom is smooth–most storage boxes have a little ridge around the bottom that makes it harder to scoop. The ones I use are 16 9/16" wide X 22 7/16" long X 13 1/4" deep.The tall sides keep the litter in the box AND the urine in the box when the (neutered) male cats are too lazy to squat down enough.I've used a Dremel with cutting attachment or a saber saw to cut away part of a side so the cats don't have to jump in. Be gentle when you cut or the plastic will split. You may need to sand the edges a little to smooth them out. As I find more of these ornament storage boxes I am replacing all my X-large standard litter boxes. Depending on placement, I cut away part of the side or end of the box.

Tricia Bradbury – Sugar Land, TX

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I hope this tips helps you get a litter box that really works. This is a great inexpensive option that we love as well!