Tip for Caring for Your Cat’s Litter Box

Tip for Caring for Your Cat's Litter Box

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

Dear PetPlace.com,

I have two male house cats. I have had house cats all my life and have found that if you scoop the solids from their box daily, they never go anywhere they shouldn't.Cats are very fastidious and like their boxes kept clean. I also use very deep litter so they can bury it. I also know that they like to bury it so deep that even they can't smell it.
Mine have never gone to the bathroom anywhere other than their box. They even come in the house from outside to use it.I use the non-clumping Fresh Step.I had very bad results with the clumping kind. I had a 16-year-old cat that was diabetic. He urinated so much it made the litter stick to his feet and formed a very hard clay crust. I had to soak his feet in warm Epson Salt water to get it off and then it was very sticky so had to use tiny scissors to clip it from between his toes. It was a disastrous experience so I will never use the clumping kind again.I hope this helps other PetPlace.com readers care for their litter box.

Fran Hagan

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