Tip for Making a Diaper for Cats that Spray

Tip for Making a Diaper for Cats that Spray

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

Dear Petplace.com,

This is an unusual situation but this may be helpful to someone. It is on how to make a diaper for a cat that sprays.Exxon was a kitten when he found me and I took him in. He fainted when he was about a year old and I took him to the vet. I found out he had cardiomyopathy, right ventricle prolapse, and aortic insufficiency. He took the same heart medication as my grandmother.As he became older, he started spraying. Due to his heart condition I could not have him neutered and I also keep him in the house all the time because of his condition. I was at my wits end with the spraying. I spent all my time cleaning and crying because he was destroying my home.One day I came up with an idea. I bought one of the diapers you use for dogs when they are in heat and sewed the tail opening to allow just enough room for his tail to peep through. He would spray in the diaper and it solved my problems.His litter box was in the garage and I would take the diaper off before he went down. The small pads that come for the diaper was not as absorbent as I needed so I use the small "Always" pad for ladies. They absorb really well and keep the wetness off of Exxon.I lost Exxon a year ago to heart failure, but it shows there is always something we can do to make our kitties fit into our life. The little diaper made my life and his easier. I really miss him and I wear a gold heart necklace with his name engraved on it to keep him close to me. I hope this tip helps others who are having this problem.

Elizabeth Jordan – Phenix City, AL

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I hope this tips helps you make a diaper for cats that spray.