Tip on Avian Flu and Cats

Tip on Avian Flu and Cats

The Avian Flu is a strain of influenza virus that infects wild birds. It can infect people as well. Cats that eat infected birds are susceptible to the virus.

Some tips for minimizing the risk of avian flu in your cat include:

  • Keep domestic cats inside the house to avoid exposure to potentially infected birds.
  • Keep semi-domestic or stray cats outside the house and avoid contact with them.
  • If a cat brings a sick or dead bird into the house, put on ordinary gloves and dispose of the bird as recommended by your Department of Agriculture.
  • If your cat is sick and has potentially been in contact with birds, contact the local veterinary authorities.
  • Notify of dead cats to the local veterinary department.

    There are also hygiene rules that apply in general, regardless of any risk of infection:

  • Wear gloves when cleaning cat litter and wash hands afterwards.
  • Do not touch dead animals. If you must for some reason, such as moving them from the yard, try to use a shovel or other object and wash your hands afterwards.
  • Always wash hands before handling food.

    Also note that washing hands with soap and water and washing clothes at recommended temperature with an ordinary detergent is enough to destroy influenza virus.

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