Tip on Dealing with Litter Waste

What is the Best Way to Deal with Litter Waste?

One way to deal with litter box waste is to place a sealed small trash can next to the litterbox that will hold the litter scoop. The small kitchen type trashcans that have a pedal that opens the lid and seals in odors work great. Make sure the scoop will fit in the trash can.

When ready to scoop, simply step on the pedal which opens the lid, grab the scoop, deposit the wastes in the trash can, return the scoop and close the lid.

Line the can with a plastic bag liner. When full or as needed, simply remove the scoop, pull out the bag with the wastes, and place a clean bag in the can. A great place to keep the empty unused bags is in the bottom of the can. When you pull out the old bag, the roll of new bags are right there.

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