Tip on Dealing with Loose Litter

Tip on Dealing with Loose Litter

Tips on Dealing with Loose Litter

When cats leave the litterbox they often have small remnants of litter on their paws. The cat litter is then spread to the nearby carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood or whatever type of floor that you have. Litter can be extremely nasty on hardwood floors acting as an abrasive to scratch floors and remove the finish.

Here are some tips to help you deal loose cat litter in your home:

  • The texture of litters can make a difference in litter tracking. Coarse textured litter tends to track less than fine textured litter. Therefore, changing litters to textures that are coarser can help minimize tracking.
  • Keep a broom and dustpan near by the litterbox for vinyl, tile and hardwood floors. The broom/pans that interlock are ideal as you can sweep the wastes right into them. Daily after you scoop, simply use the broom and dustpan to scoop up the wastes.
  • Some cat owners like place a piece of carpeting e.g. a carpet remnant under the litterbox that allows cats to shake off the litter on an approved surface. That carpet can then be swept, vacuumed or taken outside to be shaken out. As an alternative, some cat owners like a piece of plastic sheeting that can easily be swept with the broom and dustpan. However – please note that some cats don't like the sound and texture of plastic and will avoid the litter box. Please observe your cat to make he or she will use the box and is unbothered by the substrate under the box.
  • There are commercial litter matts that are generally made of plastic with a deep pile that allows the litter to fall through the cracks.

    I love learning from pet owners. I'm looking for some great pet tips from you. If you have any tips you would love to share, please email me and maybe I can include some in my future newsletters too!

    I hope these tips yelp you deal with loose litter.

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