Tip on Giving Cat Flap Access to One Cat but Not Another

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

I thought I would share this tip with anyone in a multi cat household with a cat flap door. I recently introduced a new kitten to mine home and was faced with this problem.

My cat Tinker is spayed and microchipped and is used to coming and going through the cat flap when is pleases her. When I introduced a new kitten to my home I was faced with the dilemma of either stopping my existing cat having free access to the cat flap or losing the new kitten who was too young to be allowed to roam free.

However, by turning my magnetic key cat flap round and putting the key magnet on the cats collar she was able to go outside while stopping the kitten planning an escape!

I hope this can prove helpful to someone. I scoured the Internet for some time to find a solution until I managed to come up with this, and it worked. Once the kitten realized the cat flap only magically opened for the cat, she soon stopped trying to follow her and I didn't have to deny the cat access to the outside.

Thanks very much. Kim Pilcher – England.

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