Tip on Giving Topical Medications to Cats that Hate It

Here is a pet tip submitted by a cat lover that we thought might be useful to you.

Steph wrote:

“My cat bunny rabbit hates getting her topical flea protection drops (drops I put on her skin). She hates the smell and goes crazy when she knows I’m going to give it to her. It’s hard to get it on her skin because she has long hair. Then she spends all her time licking & scratching the area trying to get it off!

Luckily, I’m a little smarter than her. Now, I give her some cat nip before treatment. I let her eat her fill and get sleepy and the wait until she takes a cat nap. Then I sneak up, pat her a bit and choose a good spot & bingo! On go the drops before she even knows it! A few more pats & she’s back to sleep, none the wiser.

If your kitty is just as upset as mine when it’s flea protection time, try tricking her with a bit of catnip!”