Tip on How to Give Your New Kitten Comfort

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

This may not be a new tip but I have successfully used it whenever I got a new pet, be it canine or feline. I have an old water bottle that I keep just for specific times like this and a piece of sheepskin, which I fashioned into a cover with a pocket in it like a Kangaroo, has. I also have an old fashioned alarm clock, which I purchased at one time at Wal-Mart.

When you first bring your baby home and it's bedtime, you fill the hot water bottle, make sure the stopper is in really tight, slip on the sheepskin cover and then wind up the alarm clock and put it into the pocket on the cover. Put that into the cage with your new baby making sure that your sleeping area is only big enough for him/her to turn around in and they will think they are with their mummy or littermates because of the warmth and the ticking of the clock is like a heart beat. I have never had a problem with loosing sleep with a new pet.

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