Tip on Introducing an Outdoor or Indoor-Outdoor Cat to a New Neighborhood

When moving to a new neighborhood and moving your cat, it is important to slowly introduce your cat to its new location.

Begin by keeping your cat inside. Allow him to become familiar with the smells and sounds associated with his new home. If your cat is an outdoor cat, keep him in an enclosed location such as the house or garage until he is comfortable with his environment.

Make sure your kitty has good Identification.This includes both an ID tag with your NEW address and phone number as well as a microchip. The microchip will help him be identified and returned if his collar is lost.

Once you think your cat is ready for the outdoors, allow for the time to be supervised. Go out with your kitty and sit with him as he explores the environment. If possible, after a little while, take him back inside. Allow the outdoor visits to extend a little in length every day until you are comfortable with your cat being outside.