Tip on Making a Homemade Cat Muzzle

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

On your story about dog and cat bites and then onto how to make a muzzle. I read somewhere an easier muzzle for a cat, at least I think it sounds easier.

Take a Dixie cup or small paper disposable cup, cut the bottom out of it and securely attach a shorter length of string on either side of the bigger opening and leave the ends loose. The open small end is to allow the cat to breathe when you slip the cup up over the cats head and mouth. Tie the string around behind the cats head to help keep the cup in place. If the cup covers the cats eyes and they cannot see you it would be better, especially if they are upset.

I haven't tried this although I thought I was going to need to when my cat Bobby would not cooperate with me.

Thank you for your wonderful website, too. Its nice to join in with other pet lovers.

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