Tips on Feeding Obese or Overweight Cats

Tips on Feeding Obese or Overweight Cats

How much should you feed an overweight or obese cats? Here are some general rules:

  • Chubby cats: If your cat is a bit overweight, try increasing the daily exercise routine. Gradually increase exercise over two weeks unless limited by a medical condition. Many cats like to play. If these measures fail, cut out all treats and reduce daily intake of food by up to 25 percent.
  • Fat or obese cats: Stop all treats except hairball medicines if needed. Increase exercise gradually over 2-3 weeks if not limited by a medical condition. If these measures fail, reduce the total daily food amount by 25 percent to 40 percent, switch to a low fat/high fiber diet, and call your veterinarian to discuss plans. Inquire about prescription-type reduction diets that can really be effective while providing balanced nutrition.

    NEVER put your cat on a strict diet. A very serious health problem can be caused by too strict of a diet. For more information, go to Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats.

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