Tips on Medicating Your Cat

Medicating a cat can be very frustrating! Learn to "pill" your cat in five easy steps:

1. Hold your cat's head from the top, grasping the "cheekbones," and tilt it back until his mouth opens.
2. With the pill in between your thumb and forefinger, open his mouth wider with your middle or ring finger.
3. Using your forefinger, quickly place the pill as far into the oral cavity as possible.
4. Close his mouth and hold for 10 seconds if possible.
5. Watch for the tell-tale "licking of the lips" as a sign that the pill has been swallowed.

If you have trouble using these techniques, or you are concerned you may be bitten, ask your veterinarian or a member of the veterinary staff for assistance!

For more information, please read the story How to Give Your Cat a Pill.