Top 10 Holiday Cat Toys and Treats!

Top 10 Holiday Cat Toys and Treats!

Everyone needs a little fun during the holidays, and your pet is no exception. Here are some gift ideas – toys and treats – that your cat will love. Based on our years of experience at, these the are top 10 toys preferred by cats!

  • 1. Cat Teaser on String. Various companies make pretty feathery cat teasers in different colors and styles. Some have a feathery end, some have leather strings, some have long fuzzy things that resemble a tail. They typically come with a long handle with a 3 to 4 ft string on which ends with playful tip consisting of feathers, fuzzy balls or tails. Some of the toys with this design are made to have interchangeable tips. This is a consistent feline favorite! There are available at stores that sell cat supplies.
  • 2. Laser pointer. This is a perfect toy for cats that love to chase bugs or small objects, a laser pointer is great. You can buy them at most stores, including Walmart, Target, and any office supply store,
  • 3. Small Furry Mice. Small furry mice toys are small and shaped like a mouse and covered with some hair. They are a traditional favorite offering hours of play. Most often they are available as singles or in packs.
  • 4. Cat Nip Bubbles. Catnip Bubbles are a treat for kittens and cats. They come with a classic bubble-blowing wand and guaranteed not to stain furniture. F
  • 5. Kitty Babble Ball™This is an interactive toy that captivates the attention of your pet! The company's innovative Babble Ball™ makes funny animal noises when touched or breathed on, to create an illusion that the colorful ball is alive. The Kitty Babble Ball symbolizes a mouse, producing squeaky, chirping and "here kitty, kitty" sounds. It's texture is spiny in nature and produces six different sound cycles that are delivered in unlimited and random combinations. The Babble Ball™ comes in various vibrant collars and retails between $ 12.90 and $ 14.95.
  • 6. Panic Mouse. The Panic Mouse is a battery operated toy that swings a string with furry toy at the end offering hours of play! The wand rotates 360 degrees in a random motion mimicking unpredictable mouse-like movements. Available as a Mouse or Garfield designs and new this year is Tweety for $28.95 to 34.95. It may be easy for a playfully aggressive cat to tip over so consider the additional wall mount attachment.
  • 7. Fresh Cat Grass. is always a traditional favorite. Available at most pet stores and Wal-Mart – plant these seeds, water, and watch them grow. Your cat will love it!
  • 8. Water Fountain. Many cats love to drink running water! Give them a Drinkwell® Pet Fountain which filters and aerates a 5 inch fountain of continuously moving water. Having the fountain can increase water consumption in cats which can be especially important with medical conditions involving the kidneys and urinary tract, $49.95. F
  • 9. "Peek a Prize" Toy Box. This toy is a sturdy square wood box with multiple holes in the top and sides. Inside are several toy mice and balls at which cats will work to get their prize. This was created to mentally and physically stimulate cats to minimize obesity and boredom! This is great for keeping your cat busy when you are not at home! $ 29.95.
  • 10. Catnip ball. Most cats love catnip and this Cosmic Refillable wood catnip ball is great! Cats love to play with it.
    Make sure whatever toy you choose this holiday that you play with your cat supervised and make sure he or she is safe. Choose toys that can not be chewed or eaten. Have a great holiday!

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