User Tip on How to Remove a Matt

User Tip on How to Remove a Matt

Dr. Debra

I'd like to give you my groomer's tip on removing mats that will not harm an animal and gets rid of mats quickly and safely. A clipper is not necessary to do it. – I hope this helps!
– Al Ellis

Thanks for the tip on how to remove matts. I'll share this with our readers! Thanks Al!

You will need a medium size pair of scissors, a comb/brush and that's it.

You take the scissors and with one blade of the scissors you slide it downward though the mat, do not cut the mat, just slide the scissors down and through it, start combing at the bottom of the mat not the part nearest the skin, the mat will comb out easily without hurting the animal.

If the mat is super bad you may have to repeat step one again, but it makes dematting very easy and safe. After all we do not want to hurt our furbabies.