What Is the Best Dust Free Cat Litter for Cats with Asthma?

What Is the Best Dust Free Cat Litter for Cats with Asthma?

If your cat has difficulty breathing, you may need a dust free cat litter for cats with asthma. Dust in litter is a major respiratory irritant and you will need to find the best litter for your cat's sensitive system.

Feline asthma is a lung condition associated with airway obstruction caused by sudden narrowing of the bronchial tubes. Symptoms include difficult or labored breathing, coughing and wheezing.

The cause of asthma in cats is not yet completely understood. Most asthma attacks are attributed to a hypersensitive immune response, but the true cause is often not identified.

Kitty litter itself will not cause a healthy cat to develop asthma; however, cats that have asthma can occasionally experience respiratory irritation from certain litters. For example, very dusty or heavily scented varieties can affect some cats.

Certain litters contain less dust on average than standard clay-based litters. These include litters made of recycled paper, wood, silica gel crystals, or special low dust clumping varieties. Most cats with asthma also prefer unscented litters. Some low-dust brands include World's Best, Pefect Litter, Premium Scoop (Small Spaces, Breathe Easy, Power Blend) and Dr. Elsey's.

I hope this information helps you pick the best litter for your cat with asthma.