What is The Best Kitty Litter?

What is The Best Kitty Litter?

What is the best kitty litter? Do you know how to choose the right cat litter for your pet?

As a vet, one question I commonly get asked is: "What is the best material to use for cat litter?" There are a number of cat litter materials on the market to choose from, with different benefits and drawbacks.

Here are some common types of kitty litter:

KEY POINT- Some cats like certain litters and hate others. No two cats are exactly alike. These recommendations give you an idea of what many cats prefer but remember: the best cat litter for your cat is one that he or she likes!

Questions to consider about your and your cat's litter preference:

• Does your cat prefer fine sand or chunky pellets?
• Do you prefer clumping or non-clumping litter?
• Do you prefer a litter that's ecologically friendly?
• Is tracking or odor control a big concern?

Choosing the Best Cat Litter

What is the best cat litter? If you ask most veterinarians it is an unscented scoopable litter such as a clay-based clumping litter. Humans like easily scooped litters that don't track and aren't dusty. Many cats are repulsed by the perfumed scents. The scents are made for people – not for cats.

KEY POINT: Once you find a litter your cat likes, stick with it. Don't buy whatever is on sale this week. Cats are very particular and litter changes can lead to unwelcome modifications in bathroom habits.

I hope this helps you find the best kitty litter for your cat.