What is the Best Location for the Litter Box?

What is the Best Location for the Litter Box?

What is the Best Location for the Litter Box?

Choosing the litter box location is a very important decision for your cat. Where should you put the litter box (also known as litter pan)? If your cat or cats don't like the placement they may not use it, so choosing the right litter box location is critical.

Here are some tips to consider as you look for the perfect litter box location:

  • The ideal location should be quiet. Sounds such as noisy furnaces, hot water heaters or unexpected dryer noises can deter some cats.
  • Damp dark basements can be unappealing and may discourage some cats from using litter boxes. They also harbor mold and foul smells in litter.
  • Areas which are not accessible 24 hours a day are not recommended. When a cat wants to use the litter box they should have immediate access, so don't place their litter box somewhere that they can't visit all the time.
  • Cats need to feel safe and secure, so areas where they can be bothered by dogs or people are not recommended.
  • Make sure that the flooring around your cat's litter box can be swept or cleaned easily.
  • Litter boxes should not be near food/water. Cats generally like their eating areas and elimination areas kept separate.
  • The litter box should be accessible to quick easy cleaning.

    KEY POINT: Cats like quiet, private and safe locations to use the litter box.
    Some favorite litter box locations include: bathrooms, guest bedrooms, unused closets, and other quiet, dry, warm locations. Another great area for a litter box is a well-ventilated porch that has convenient constant access.

    You may need to utilize more than one of these locations if you have multiple cats in your home. Not sure where to start? Observe your cat or cats and notice where they typically spend time. The best litter box location is one that they have consistent safe access to and will use!
    Please remember that you may need to have multiple litter boxes. The rule of thumb is one per cat or one per floor PLUS one – whichever is more. For example, if you have 1 cat and 2 levels you should have 2 litter boxes. If you have 3 cats, you should have 4 boxes.

    I hope this article helps you find the perfect litter box location for your cat.

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