Which Cat Is Better – Male or Female?

When someone decides to get a cat, the first thing they think about is what breed they might want or where they might want to get their cat. (Most cats are domestic short or longhaired adopted strays.) Once these two decisions are made, most new cat owners start thinking about whether their new cat should be a male or female.

What is the difference between owning a male cat or a female cat? Is one better than another? Some people have very definite opinions on this topic.

Are there characteristics you can associate with each? Well, to be honest, that is a tough one.

Here are some rough generalizations.

Pros for Female Cats:

Cons for Female Cats:

Cons for Male Cats:

These comments are very broad generalizations; every cat is different and both male and female cats can be great pets.

If you already own a cat, another consideration is the sex of the cat you have at home. Most people think it is best to choose a young cat of the opposite sex to add to your household. This will decrease the chance of aggression.