Which Cat Litter has the Least Dust?

Which Cat Litter has the Least Dust?

Litter dust can be an issue, both for cats with asthma and for people with respiratory diseases including allergies and asthma.

Which cat litter has the least dust? Which is the best for people and cats with asthma?

Certain litters contain less dust on average than standard clay-based litters. These include litters made of recycled paper, wood, silica gel crystals, or special low dust clumping varieties.

People and animals with sensitive respiratory systems also prefer unscented litters. Some low-dust brands include World's Best, Pefect Litter, Premium Scoop (Small Spaces, Breathe Easy, Power Blend) and Dr. Elsey's.

I hope this information helps you pick the best low dust litter for your cat and home.