Which Cat Litter is Best for Kittens?

Which Cat Litter is Best for Kittens?

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Which brand of cat litter is best for kittens?

It’s very important to pick the right cat litter for your kitten so they are most likely to use it. The best cat litter for any cat, whether it is a kitten or adult, is one that the cat likes.

In general, almost any litter will work to some degree. Most cat litters are safe and effective. It’s things like clumping ability, odor control, and ingredients that set them apart from each other.

The most recommended cat litter by veterinarians is a scoopable clay-based unscented litter. These litters are easy to clean and maintain – you just need to scoop daily. Artificial scents are added for humans’ benefit and many cats don’t like them so vets often recommend staying away from them. The goal is to make the litter and litter box as appealing as possible to ensure it is used!

If you have a special litter that you like and your kitten is using it, we recommend that you keep using that litter. If you decide to change litters, do it gradually and watch to ensure your cat is still using the box normally. Ideally, you should try the new cat litter in one box and keep one box with the old cat litter in case there is an aversion to the new litter. If your cat is using the new litter well, it is safe to make the switch. You can also begin to gradually mix in the new litter with the old and monitor litter box use. First you may want to keep 90% previous litter, 10% new litter mix. If this is met with satisfaction after a few days, gradually increase the new litter mix over several days until you are using 100% new litter.

You may also encourage your kitten to use the litter box by spraying or sprinkling catnip on top of the litter.

I hope this information helps you pick the best litter for your kitten.

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