A blue-green scoop in a cat's litter box of the same color.

Which Cat Litters Are Safe to Flush Down the Toilet?

Which Cat Litters Are Safe to Flush Down the Toilet?

Flushable cat litters: which are safe to go down the drain? What flushable cat litter should you use? Today I want to share a vet’s advice on the topic.

Many brands of cat litter advertise themselves as flushable. What does this mean? Typically flushable litters can be flushed down a toilet, but sometimes they are also advertised as biodegradable. In this case you may also be able to bury the soiled litter outside or dispose of it in a garden or compost pile.

These litters are usually made of natural materials such as wood, newspaper, or corn. They frequently market themselves as Earth-friendly and free of artificial colors, fragrances, and binders. Other litters, especially those made of clay or silica gel, are not advertised as flushable but are occasionally flushed by owners.

It is very important to only use flush-safe litters because doing otherwise can destroy your plumbing. Litters that are not safe to flush can swell and form hard clumps when they come in contact with water. Depending on whether you own or rent your home, these blockages could cause damage to others’ septic systems and even result in eviction or legal action.

What litters are safe to flush? Take this vet’s advice and use only those that are specifically marketed as flushable. Typically, any litter that contains clay is not safe to flush because of its clumping properties. If the bag or box doesn’t say flushable, don’t take a chance.

The best flushable litters absorb small amounts of moisture but break down when soaked. These include pellets made of natural wood, newspaper, and corn pulp. To play it safe I recommend flushing only a small amount at a time and letting the soiled litter absorb a little water before being flushed, to avoid the possibility of litter swelling in your plumbing.

Before changing to a flushable litter, ensure that your city or local regulations do not restrict their use. Some areas have enacted rules to protect local wildlife which prevent flushing litter.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to choose a flushable litter and which litters are safe to flush.