7 Reasons Cats Need to Go to a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon


#6 Medial Patellar Luxation (Knee Cap Dislocation)

The medial patellar luxation repair (or “MPL repair”) is another common procedure, especially in little dogs. This is a problem where the knee cap doesn’t stay in place. As such, it can be a “fiddly” procedure that requires accuracy and experience.

#7 Amputation

Of all of these in the list (except maybe belly or cancer surgery), this is the one surgery I’m called on to perform most often. The reason, of course, is cost. If a pet’s owner can’t afford to save a traumatized limb it’s unlikely they’ll be able to afford the surgeon’s higher amputation fee. In fact, I’ve been known to do this one for free. After all, it’s a lifesaver.

Though I’m sure there are plenty more surgeries best left to the super-pros, this list is a pretty good start. Quibble though you may over whether it’s OK for your general vet to perform your pet’s more specialized surgery, I have to say this: if you do choose to forgo a board-certified surgeon’s superior skills, please do so knowing that you had a darn good reason.

I hope this gives your more information about why your cat may need referral to a veterinary surgeon.


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