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Can Cats Drink Soda?

Artificial ingredients and heaps of sugar mean that soda is best kept as a sometime treat. For cats, it’s best to keep soft drinks off the menu altogether. The qualities that make soda indulgent and potentially dangerous in large quantities for people are the same that make them dangerous (and even deadly) in much smaller quantities for pets. It’s unlikely that your cat will develop a taste for soda, but be ready to intervene if they appear interested in stealing some sips.

Soda and Cats: The Risky Ingredients

Why shouldn’t cats drink soda? Even small quantities of certain ingredients could lead to negative consequences in the short term and repeated consumption can result in more serious health concerns.

More Unsafe Drinks for Cats

Keeping Cats Hydrated

Good old fashioned H20 should make up the bulk of your cat’s liquid intake and they should have access to clean water throughout the day. PetMD advises owners to ensure their pets get between 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per five pounds of body weight each day.

Make sure to watch for symptoms of dehydration, especially during hot weather and periods of high activity. These include:

It’s easy to test your cat’s hydration. Gently pinch their skin between your thumb and forefinger and watch how it returns to its original position. A hydrated cat’s flesh will quickly snap back into place. The skin of more dehydrated cats, on the other hand, will either retract slowly or remain in a tented position. In these instances, seek immediate veterinary attention.