can cats eat grapes

Can Cats Eat Grapes?

Cat owners commonly wonder about the toxicity of various human foods. Concern about the safety of human foods increased after learning that certain foods were toxic for pets, which yielded a lot of press coverage. The most common toxic foods are onions, garlic, chocolate, alcohol, and excessive amounts of fish. You can learn more about what cats can and can’t eat in general in this article: The Ultimate Guide to What Cats Can’t Eat.

Many pet owners ask, “Can a Cat Eat a Grape?”, primarily because this fruit is toxic for dogs. Read on to learn about the dangers and safe feeding methods for green grapes (or any color of your choice).

A History of the Grape

Grapes date back 6,000 to 8,000 years and are grown in bunches and are found in many varieties in most parts of the world. A grape is a spherical-shaped soft fruit that comes in either seeded or seedless varieties. Grapes grow on vines and are generally green and may change color to purple, red, or black as they ripen. Grapes can be eaten fresh or used to make jam, jelly, grape seed oil, wine, juice, vinegar, or be dried into raisins.

So, “Can cats eat grapes?”

Cats can eat grapes in moderation. Although most cats don’t care for fruit in general, some cats do enjoy the soft moist texture and enjoy them as a healthy snack. Also, grapes are a good source of antioxidants and nutrients, fat free, and relatively low in calories.

The Dangers of Grapes for Cats

Ingestion of large amounts of grapes can cause gastrointestinal upset, such as diarrhea. Although extremely uncommon in cats, ingestion of grape stems and plants can cause gastrointestinal obstruction. The leaves and plant, while not toxic, are very difficult to digest. Signs of problems include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain, straining to defecate, and/or a decreased appetite.

Grape or raisin toxicity has not been documented in cats. However, grapes can be toxic and dangerous to dogs. Learn more in this article: Grape and Raisin Toxicosis in Dogs.

However, one has to wonder if this is because of how infrequently cats eat grapes and raisins, and the subsequent lack of documented toxicity.

Do Cats Need Grapes?

There is nothing in grapes that cats require on a regular basis. What cats do need is a high-quality AAFCO-approved cat food. Learn more about Nutrition in Cats.

The Safest Way to Feed Grapes to Cats

The safest way to feed grapes to your cat is to give small pieces of clean, cut-up, fresh grape. Cats should never be fed the grape stem or leaves. However, just because cats can eat green grapes, that doesn't mean they should. There are safer snacks and treats to give cats than grapes.

How Many Grapes Can You Give a Cat?

One medium-sized grape cut up is plenty to give a cat. There are better and more nutritional foods to feed cats and, therefore, we recommend other snacks and foods.

Can Cats Be Allergic to Grapes?

While it is possible for a cat to be allergic to anything, cat allergies to grapes are uncommon.

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