What is “Hemobart”?

Our question this week was:

Dr Debra – My cat was diagnosed with something called “hemobart”. I took him in to the vet because he seemed weak and wouldn’t eat. They said he is anemic. Are you familiar with this disease?


Susan B. – Philadelphia, PA


Hi Susan– thanks for your email. “Hemobart” is short for Hemobartonella. This disease is also known as Feline infectious anemia, hemobartonellosis or feline hemotropic mycoplasmosis. It is caused by a parasite that damages the red blood cells in cats.

Affected cats suffer from anemia, although it also causes a wide range of other clinical signs that can vary from simple depression and lethargy to fever and shock.

Recommended treatment includes supportive care, antibiotics and blood transfusions as needed.

We have a very good article on our site about this condition that may help you. Go to Feline Infectious Anemia (Hemobartonellosis)

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra