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How Long Is It Safe to Leave Your Cat Alone?

This is a common question vets hear from cat owners. How long is it safe to leave a cat?

One of the advantages of having a cat is that they require less daily “maintenance” than dogs. They don’t have to be walked two or three times a day. If you have cats and you are running late at work, you don’t have to worry about being late for their walk. You know the cats will be fine. This is NOT to say that cats should be ignored or “left” for long amounts of time.

So the question is: How long is it safe to leave your cat? Is it okay to leave your cat alone for 24 hours? How about 48 hours?

One vet told me that he once treated a cat that was left home alone for 2 weeks. No kidding. And something terrible happened when the owner was away. Basically she had a huge bowl of food and water. The water somehow spilled into the feeder ruining all the food. They believe this happened on day 1 or 2. The cat had no food to eat for 2 weeks and no water. The cat came to the hospital very sick. Treatment was successful, but at quite a cost to the cat’s health and the owner’s pocket book.

I have a strong opinion on this subject. To read my answer, go to: How long should a cat be left alone?