Remedy For Cat Fleas – Vet’s Advice On Remedy For Cat Fleas

What is a remedy for cat fleas?

You may be looking for a remedy for cat fleas and if so, you are in luck. Fleas can be frustrating pests to deal with! There are many different remedies for cat fleas but the best way to get rid of them is to use a topical flea product you can get from your veterinarian. Be careful with over the counter medications. Many only last a couple of weeks and many are not strong enough to get rid of all the fleas. Some products can also be toxic to your cat. Never use a dog remedy for cat fleas. Flea powders and shampoos just get rid of the adult fleas, not the eggs or juvenile fleas. Products safe and effective to use on cats include: Program®, Frontline® Advantage®, Revolution® and Capstar®. These products are available through your veterinarian. Talk to your veterinarian about their recommendations for remedy for cat fleas.

Remember, please be careful when using any over the counter flea product in cats. Those labeled for use in dogs only can be toxic in cats.

Dr. Debra

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