Second Opinion

Féline Gets a Second Opinion

Just like people, our animals sometimes get unexpectedly ill and the reason for their sickness isn’t always clear. Veterinary medicine is changing all the time, new ways to diagnose diseases, new treatments and new equipment become available every year. However, investigating an unusual illness can be very expensive. The cost of tests and lab work quickly add up. Having pet insurance during the stressful time of diagnosing an illness in your cat can alleviate at least your financial worries. I just read a story from a woman who now realizes that pet insurance should be a must for every cat owner.

Kathleen writes about a cat who was the love of her life, a beautiful Manx named, Féline. She was a delightful and intelligent cat that never failed to charm guests. Even those who swore they disliked cats loved Féline. Then at eight years old, Féline became very ill.

The once active Manx had a limp, decreased appetite, a half-closed left eye and was lethargic. Kathleen’s regular veterinarian diagnosed a variety of problems. He felt she had arthritis, a heart murmur, pancreatitis, and a viral infection in her eye. Yet, despite all the different medications she was taking, Féline was not getting better.

Kathleen decided to get a second opinion and visited a new vet that a friend had recommended. Féline’s new doctor looked over her chart and suggested that the cat be taken to U.C. Davis immediately. The new veterinarian felt the half-closed eye could be a symptom of “Horner’s Syndrome”, indicating a neurological problem.

The vet clinic at U.C. Davis quickly discovered that Féline had a malignant tumor in her chest cavity. The growth was large and there was no chance for recovery. Kathleen brought home her sick kitty home where her new vet came to put her to sleep a few weeks later. Kathleen was devastated, but knows now that finding a second opinion is often a good idea.

Kathleen also notes that she wishes she had pet insurance. The total of Féline’s veterinary bills will exceed $5,000. Kathleen would have paid any amount to save her wonderful cat’s life, but insurance could have made a huge difference in the costs.

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P.S. – Do you have pet insurance? It is a great idea for anyone who can’t afford an unexpected expense and wants the best for their pet.