I gave my cat “bad” antibiotics – Will he be okay?

Our question this week was:

Dr. Debra -I’m so upset! I went to the vet on a Thursday night and he prescribed an antibiotic for my 3-month-old kitten but failed to tell me that the antibiotic needed to be refrigerated.

I administered the med on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, I realized the med smelled very bad and turned a strange color. When I called the vet, the tech told me the antibiotic should be refrigerated. I obviously have discontinued use and did not give my kittens any meds on Sunday just Friday and Saturday. Should I be super concerned? He is fine right now, playing and eating normally.

Tania Chatila


Hi Tania– thanks for your email. Sorry to hear about your situation. Some of the liquid antibiotics require refrigeration and others do not. If your cat is acting normal and now playing and eating well, I wouldn’t be too worried. However, if they prescribed the antibiotics for a certain problem, they probably want them continued. Just because your cat is acting better now – I’d still recommend continuing them.

Ask your vet if you can pick up another bottle so you can continue the antibiotic for the full duration.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra