Chondrosarcoma (Nasal and Paranasal Sinus) in Cats

Nasal and Paranasal Sinus Chondrosarcoma in Cats

Nasal and paranasal sinus chondrosarcoma are slow growing, progressive, invasive tumors of the nose, nasal cavity and surrounding communicating recesses.

As with most tumors, the cause is unknown. These tumors are seen more commonly in dogs than cats and are seen in all ages; however, they are most common in middle aged pets. Chondrosarcoma tends to develop at a younger age than other nasal tumors. There are no breed predilections.

What to Watch For

Diagnosis of Chondrosarcoma in Cats

Treatment of Chondrosarcoma in Cats

Home Care and Prevention

Administer all medication and dietary recommendations as directed by your veterinarian. Follow up as directed.

If your cat’s condition does not improve or becomes worse, seek veterinary attention at once. Overall, nasal and paranasal sinus chondrosarcomas are very aggressive and carry a guarded prognosis.

There is no preventative care for chondrosarcoma.