full moons and cats

Full Moons and Cats: Weird Things That Vets See During a Full Moon

Strange Things Cats do During a Full Moon

For years – (and even now) – veterinarians and emergency room doctors will tell you stories of weird cat calls and cat cases they see during full moons.

I know staffs that dread working nights with full moons. To read the full story about how the moon affects pets – go to How will the Big Moon Days Affect your Dog or Cat?

What are some examples? These might seem strange but in some weird way – some of them cal also be funny. Sometimes, when working under stressful conditions – staff need to maintain a sense of humor.

In general, more than any one thing – many emergency clinics are just plain busier – sometimes twice or three times as busy on full moon nights as other nights. This can make things very hectic.

Here are some examples: