Full Moons and Cats: Weird Things That Vets See During a Full Moon

Full Moons and Cats: Weird Things That Vets See During a Full Moon

full moons and catsfull moons and cats
full moons and catsfull moons and cats

Strange Things Cats do During a Full Moon

For years – (and even now) – veterinarians and emergency room doctors will tell you stories of weird cat calls and cat cases they see during full moons.

I know staffs that dread working nights with full moons. To read the full story about how the moon affects pets – go to How will the Big Moon Days Affect your Dog or Cat?

What are some examples? These might seem strange but in some weird way – some of them cal also be funny. Sometimes, when working under stressful conditions – staff need to maintain a sense of humor.

In general, more than any one thing – many emergency clinics are just plain busier – sometimes twice or three times as busy on full moon nights as other nights. This can make things very hectic.

Here are some examples:

  • One night – a vet emergency friend saw four cats come in with urinary obstructions within about 30 minutes.
  • An owner calls at 2:45 am wondering when her 16-year-old cat should have his next set of vaccinations.
  • One cat was very clingy to its owner that is normally quite aloof so they brought it in for evaluation. Its exam was completely normal. The cat had been eating, drinking, playing, urinating and defecating normally. He was just clingy. We don’t know why.
  • A 7-year-old cat named Sammy who had been playing with those little fake fur mice for years…decided to eat one. Looked the owner right in the eye and ate it. Swallowed it whole. He had to have surgery to have it removed.
  • A cat jumped in the dryer and hid for over a day. The owner could not find the cat anywhere – had the entire neighborhood on patrol. Searching bushes, streets, yards, and shelters. The search party went on for nearly 24 hours. Fortunately – the dryer was not on and the cat was “napping”. He came out when he was hungry and was waiting for his owner when they returned back from their frantic search (he treated them with a silly yawn and stretch).

    Want to read about some stories from cat owners about how their cats behaved on a full moon? Read more.


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