How Healthy is Your Cat?

A healthy cat can be described as having bright shiny eyes, a healthy shiny hair coat, a good appetite, able to maintain their body weight, intermittently playful and generally seems "happy".

However, cats are not always healthy and when they are not, are often very good at hiding their illness just by their nature of survival. They want to appear healthy so they are less vulnerable to predators.

Initial signs and symptoms of cat illness can be subtle and you may have to look closely to see the first clues. Advanced symptoms are generally more obvious.

Many signs of disease are non-specific, suggesting they can be common for many different diseases. Let's look at some common non-specific signs of illness in cats that should worry you and prompt veterinary care and attention:

Watch your cat carefully for any sign of illness. If you notice any of these signs in your cat, please contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency clinic as soon as possible.