How is A Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) a Performed on a Cat?


What Is the Typical Postoperative Care After a PU? 

Postoperative medication may be given to relieve pain, which is judged in most cases to be mild to moderate, and can be effectively eliminated with safe and effective pain medicines. The home care requires reduced activity until the stitches are removed in 10 to 14 days and preventing the cat from chewing or licking at the sutures. This may require a restraining collar around the neck for a week or two. Paper or plastic litter should be used in place of the normal litter material. If your cat does not object, you should inspect the area (with care) for signs of discharge and monitor your cat for normal urination. Any inability to urinate should be reported promptly to your veterinarian. After healing, the surgical area has a good cosmetic result. Recognize that the urine stream will no longer be oriented through the end of the penis (which has been removed), instead the cat will void across the surgical opening. This difference is not obvious to most people.

How Long Is the Cat’s Hospital Stay?

The typical stay following Perineal urethrostomy surgery is 2-3 days but will vary depending on the overall health of the pet, kidney function, and his ability to urinate following surgery.


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