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How to Find and Handle a Frightened Cat

Tips For Finding a Scared CatThere is a variety of reasons a cat might be frightened or scared. When a cat is frightened, it makes the task of finding them in an emergency very difficult. For example, maybe your cat got out accidentally or is hiding while you have guests. It could be that you had a house fire and need to get your cat out of the house immediately, but alarms are going off and scaring him or her. Trying to handle an upset animal can be upsetting for you both, so below are some tips for finding and handling a frightened cat.

How to Find a Frightened Cat That Is Outside

It can seem impossible to find a scared kitty who has escaped to the wide world outside, but keep these things in mind:

How to Find a Frightened Cat Inside Your Home

Common questions cat lovers ask is “Where can I find my hiding cat?” and “Is it best to put them in their cat carriers or find a blanket or anything that is quicker?”

Reaction time matters in an emergency, so it helps to be prepared. Many cat lovers keep carriers or a stack of pillowcases (for multicat households) by the door. Carriers are preferred but take up a lot of room, so some cat parents prefer a pillowcase or carriers that are soft and collapsible for easier storage.

Here’s how to find a frightened cat who’s inside:

I hope these tips have helped you find your lost and scared cat.