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How to Give a Cat Medicine Through an Inhaler

Most inhalation medications are by prescription only through you veterinarian. Discuss the proper dose and technique with your veterinarian prior to administering the medication at home.

The inhaler is delivered to cats through a “spacer” and “mask”. This is a plastic tube that takes the medication from the inhaler down a space and to your cat. The mask attached to the spacer and fits over your cats nose and mouth so she can breathe it in. One commonly used product is the Aerokat. This is the most commonly recommended product by veterinarians.

In order to best understand how to give a cat medicine through an inhaler, follow these steps:

Hold and shake MDI well for 15 seconds. Then remove the cap from the MDI mouthpiece and insert the mouthpiece into the spacer.

Keep inhaler upright with the end that dispenses the medication toward the floor, and place mask on other end of spacer. Then gently place the mask over the cat’s muzzle, making a gentle seal around the nose and mouth.

Dispense one puff into spacer by pressing down firmly on top of the metal canister. The cat should breathe the drug through the mask for 7 to 10 breaths.

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