How to Give Your Cat Ear Medication

How to Give Your Cat Ear Medication

Ear diseases are no fun for you or your cat. Ear disease, mites and infections are just some of the reasons your veterinarian prescribes ear medication for your cat. Remember, if your cat is in pain, she'll fight you when you try to touch her ears. Be patient, you'd be cranky too. Keep trying and you'll get the job done. Here's how to get it over with as quickly and cleanly as possible:

  • Have the medication container ready and the cap off.
  • Use one hand to hold your cat's head and the tip of the affected ear to keep her still. Be careful not to hold too tight; she's probably very uncomfortable as it is. Use the other hand to hold the medication and insert it into the ear. Be prepared for your cat to flinch once the medication touches the ear.
  • Remove the container and gently rub the base of the ear to distribute the medication deeper inside it.

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