Kitten and Cat Dangers Every Cat Lover Should Know

Cats are naturally curious (you’ve certainly heard that old saying about “curiosity killing the cat”), and they frequently find ways to get into trouble in way that we humans can’t even imagine until we discover them in yet more mischief. This can be cute sometimes, but it’s truly devastating when a cat gets hurt because their owner simply didn’t perceive the danger in a situation.

Please don’t be caught unprepared and have to face a sad situation. Below is a list of possible dangers that your cat or kitten might encounter in your home. Take a look around and do your best to protect your pets; I hope that these tips can help you do just that.

1. Chemical and cleaning solutions can be toxic. Animals can lick bottles or containers or walk through and lick their paws. Even a small amount, when ingested, can have deadly consequences.

2. Computer and electrical wires are often appealing to cats, who will chase and nibble on them, but they can cause electrocution.

3. Children’s toys can contain small pieces of plastic, wood, or more that can be ingested, causing an intestinal blockage.

4. Crawl spaces can be dangerous to cats. They often will climb and wiggle into spots you may not even know existed, then get stuck in inaccessible areas or be exposed to dangerous toxins, chemicals, poisons, or debris.

5. Doors are dangerous. Be careful entering and exiting all doorways or even closing windows. Cats will play around these entrances and can get out or get stuck as a window or door is being shut. Injuries range from broken feet and tails to more serious problems.

6. Houseplants can be toxic! Even plants that are not technically considered poisonous generally cause irritation to the stomach and mouths of cats.

7. Plugs and outlets are another source of danger, as cats can get electrocuted when they lick or touch them.

8. Recliners are a serious hazard around cats, especially small kittens. It is not uncommon for cats to wiggle under the recliners and become injured or killed in the rocking and reclining mechanisms. Please, PLEASE keep cats away from this kind of furniture!

9. Rubber bands post yet another intestinal blockage hazard as cats will readily play with and then ingest them.

10. Watch your step! Simply going down stairs or walking through the house without being attentive can lead to injury, as some cats will run between your legs and become hurt or cause you to fall! Some vets recommend that you shuffle your feet around kittens to prevent stepping on their delicate bodies.

11. A tall stove is appealing to cats who love to be in high places, but they can easily cause severe burns. A set of burner covers can help protect against this.

12. String, tread and yarn are similar to rubber bands in that they are enticing toys that can cause severe intestinal and gastric trauma if ingested.

13. Chemicals designed to melt snow or ices contain salt and other toxins that cats and kittens can lick. Many pet lovers inadvertently bring in these toxins on their wet or snowy shoes, and cats lick the puddled water, getting sick soon after for seemingly no reason.

14. Home construction is another potential pitfall; stray nails, stables, razor blades, or glue remnants can cause severe illness or injury for small animals such as cats.

15. The fresh water and enticing noise of toilets are appealing for felines, but the chemicals used to keep them sparkling clean can cause major complications for cats.

16. Although trashcans are fun to pull over and explore, the contents can contain items such as strings from raw meat, chemical-soaked paper towels, and plastic wrap or bags.

17. Spoiled meat is just as dangerous to your cat as it is to you. Remember: a cat’s stomach isn’t iron-clad, so don’t feed them something that you wouldn’t feel safe eating yourself.

18. Keep the water and dryer doors shut. These machines, especially warm dryers, can seem cozy but if turned on can cause deadly injuries and heat stroke.

19. Open windows and screens are favorite hang-out spots for cats. Unsecured screens can allow cats to push them out and fall, resulting in life-threatening injuries or allowing cats to become lost and disoriented.

20. Ant and roach traps often resemble toys; so many cats are compelled to play with them. However, the poison inside them can be deadly, and by the time the owner discovers the symptoms, it may be too late to do anything about them.

I know this seems like a lot, but I really do want to help you keep your cat or kitten safe. Please take a moment today to look at your home “through a cat’s eyes” and see what dangers you can eliminate.