Metritis in Cats

Feline Metritis

Metritis is the medical term used to describe inflammation of the uterus. This uterine disease is similar to pyometra but it has some differences. Unlike pyometra, metritis is most often a bacterial uterine infection that develops in the immediate post partum (after giving birth) period and occasionally after abortion or breeding. It is most often associated with retained fetuses or placentas in cats.

What to Watch For

Diagnosis of Metritis in Cats

Tests may include:

Treatment of Metritis in Cats

Home Care and Prevention

There is no home care for metritis; this condition requires veterinary care. After diagnoses, make sure your cat receives all prescribed medication. Cats that are spayed as part of the treatment usually do quite well.

Metritis may become chronic and cause infertility in breeding queens, when ovariohysterectomy is not an option and medical therapy is not properly instituted.

Having your cat spayed at an early age eliminates the possibility of metritis.