Pollakiuria (frequent urination) in Cats

Feline Pollakiuria (Frequent Urination)

Pollakiuria is the voiding or passing of small quantities of urine more frequently than normal. Although some cats urinate more frequently than others, it is important to establish what is normal for your cat, and to contact your veterinarian if pollakiuria is evident. It is not uncommon for cats with pollakiuria to have “accidents” in the house.

Causes of Frequent Urinations in Cats

The variety of causes in cats are divided into diseases of the bladder, prostate or gentials.

Diseases of the Urinary Bladder and Urethra

Diseases of the Prostate

Diseases of the External Genitalia

What to Watch For

Diagnosis of Pollakiuria in Cats

Treatment of Pollakiuria in Cats

Home Care

Administer all prescribed medication and return for follow-up evaluations as directed by your veterinarian. Observe your pet very closely. If pollakiuria is not improving and/or is getting worse, contact your veterinarian at once.