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“Should Declawing Cats Be Banned?” – Stories from Pet Parents

“Just Like Removing Fingernails”

Katrina wrote – “And it doesn’t matter if they are indoor or outdoor cats. We ALL need to scratch sometimes!! Why would that be an different than removing a humans fingernails!!? Yes I think it should be outlawed!!!” Julia Brenen

“It is Horrific.”

Julia B. Wrote, “Declawing is a truly horrific practice. If I became aware of anyone carrying out this procedure in my country (UK) I would definitely contact the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals although I’m not sure if it’s legal or not here. I have had several cats in the past and it seems to me that if you provide them with enough stimulating toys they are less likely to scratch and if they do it’s not so hard to live with.”

“Suffer Unduly”

Carol wrote, “I have had every cat I ever own declawed and they have never seemed to suffer unduly. Rather than continually shouting at the animal when they do what comes naturally, I find it preferable to declaw. My only criteria is that anyone who declaws a cat realizes that cat should be and have been an indoor cat as they no longer have the claws to climb trees to get away from aggressors or to protect themselves on the ground. If you are going to declaw, get a reputable vet and keep your tabby indoors.”

“A Brutal Practice”

Mnfurball wrote, “This brutal practice should be banned in all countries. This is animal abuse and needs to be stopped. Just read about the procedure and then think if a human could go through that kind of painful procedure. If someone wants to declaw a cat so their furniture doesn’t get ruined, then you should not have a cat. My vet rarely does this inhumane surgery any longer. He will talk to cat owners about this and if they persist on getting declawing done, he gives them the name of another vet. Anyone with a brain would not have this done to any cats.” Linda Bird

“My Cat Clawed the Crap Out of Me”

Linda B. Wrote, “I had it done because my male cat clawed the daylights out of my arms. I know now that he can’t do that, and he and I have now become more affectionate. I say–it depends on the cat!”

“My Vet Advised That I Declaw”

Edna wrote, “I had our kitten declawed by the advise of our vet. Had our other cat done years ago with no problem. This time I felt the kitty has traumatized somehow. It almost seemed as though he was not anestitized enough. He has been so afraid of any strangers & any noises outside when I hold him that he goes crazy trying to get out of my arms toward the house & hide. It was done 4 or 5 months ago & he is still not the same. My mistake? I did my research AFTER his poor reaction. If I had seen the photos I would not have done it and will NEVER do it to another cat!”

“In The Netherlands/Holland, Declawing is Not Allowed”

Files wrote, “In my country, The Netherlands/Holland, declawing is not allowed. And I’m proud of it. Declawing is severe mutilation, it’s horrible cat abuse. Scratching is natural behavior. When a cat scratches on places you don’t like, consult a cat behavior therapist for a good, 100% cat friendly solution. It’s a shame that declawing is legal in several “civilezed” countries. Elles, cat behavior therapist, Amsterdam.

“It Is Cruel”

Peggy wrote, “We have never had a declawed cat until the one we adopted from a rescue group a month ago. I think it is cruel. It is hard for US to remember that she doesn’t have claws to use in helping her jump up on things and to grab her toys. I would never declaw a cat but I would adopt one that has been.”

“I Feel Sorry for Her”

Joanne wrote, “I voted that I am not sure. I recently adopted a declawed cat from our local shelter. She is the most loving cat that I have every had. She loves to be held and is very affectionate. I feel sorry for her when she is playing and cannot grab her toys so easily. I just have to wonder why someone would declaw a cat and then leave it at a shelter. I would surely adopt another one, but would never take a cat to be declawed myself. It is a cruel and painful procedure.”

“Paws Essentially Amputated”

Marina wrote, “It has been proven that declawing is a very painful procedure for cats to have to endure, and that they then have to live the rest of their lives with the tips of their paws essentially amputated. Seems pretty barbaric to me, so in principle I absolutely agree that declawing should be outlawed. My only concern with a law of this type is that it might cause cat adoption levels to drop and abandonment of cats to go up by some people, whom without the option of declawing decide that maintaining their flawless furniture is more important than loving and keeping their furry family member. There are already too many homeless cats, so I suppose if it’s a choice between a cat being euthanized versus being declawed, then perhaps we should continue to allow those pickier people the option of declawing. I just wish that most people would come to feel that saving, providing for, and loving a beautiful kitty is more important than any inanimate object that they own.”