“Should Declawing Cats Be Banned?” – Stories from Pet Parents


“Paws Essentially Amputated”

Marina wrote, “It has been proven that declawing is a very painful procedure for cats to have to endure, and that they then have to live the rest of their lives with the tips of their paws essentially amputated. Seems pretty barbaric to me, so in principle I absolutely agree that declawing should be outlawed. My only concern with a law of this type is that it might cause cat adoption levels to drop and abandonment of cats to go up by some people, whom without the option of declawing decide that maintaining their flawless furniture is more important than loving and keeping their furry family member. There are already too many homeless cats, so I suppose if it’s a choice between a cat being euthanized versus being declawed, then perhaps we should continue to allow those pickier people the option of declawing. I just wish that most people would come to feel that saving, providing for, and loving a beautiful kitty is more important than any inanimate object that they own.”


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