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The Most Unusual Things Cats Will Eat!

Understanding the Most Unusual Things Cats Will Eat!

Some cats will eat just about anything…literally! What are the most unusual things cats eat? We will tell you!

The odd nibble of a non-food item isn’t always dangerous, but it becomes a problem when cats ingest things which are not digestible. This causes a gastrointestinal foreign body, meaning that whatever “thing” the cat ate got stuck somewhere in the intestinal tract and caused a blockage or other problem. These gastrointestinal foreign bodies often require surgery to remove the blockage before damage occurs.

And do you think these cats learn from their mistakes? Most don’t. Cats that tend to eat “bad” things will go on and keep getting into things they shouldn’t. I’ve personally seen cats that have had five different surgeries to remove a long piece of yarn.

Here are some of the strangest objects we’ve seen cats eat. Some of these are really shocking!

List of Unusual Items Cats Will Ingest

As you can see, cats do eat objects that can’t be digested and can require lifesaving surgery to remove them. This behavior is most common in kittens and cats under the age of 2 years but can happen with any cat.

Some older cats get bored and will get into trouble as a result. Please read our article Do Cats Get Cabin Fever? for more information.

Don’t assume that your cat won’t chew on or ingest something just because they’re an adult or are typically well-behaved. Open trashcans are common targets-especially those containing meat wrappers, table scraps or spoiled foods. Craft supplies, underwear, and socks are also very common “snacks,” as are bathroom trashcans with tampons or maxi pads.

Keep your cat safe by making sure that trashcans stay covered and children’s toys and clothes are picked up around the house. Doing so can help prevent your cat from eating indigestible items.

Symptoms of problems may include vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea and/or abdominal pain. Please see your vet if spot any of these signs or if you have any health concerns about your cat.