Tremors and/or Shaking in Cats

Feline Tremors and/or Shaking

Tremors are rhythmic, to and fro involuntary movements that persist through the waking state. True tremors stop during sleep. There are a variety of causes of tremors, depending on which part of the body is affected.

Tremors of the Head in Cats

Tremors of the Pelvic (rear) Limb in Cats

Generalized Tremor

What to Watch For

Abnormal, involuntary movement involving the head, limbs or whole body

Diagnosis of Tremors and/or Shaking in Cats

Treatment of Tremors and/or Shaking in Cats

There are several things your veterinarian might recommend to symptomatically treat the patient with tremors.

Home Care

Avoid toxin exposure. If intoxication is a possibility, do not allow additional exposure, consult poison control and contact your veterinarian.

Animals with generalized tremors often lose weight. Monitor your pet’s weight and make appropriate changes in the diet.

Only administer drugs and medication as directed by your veterinarian.