What is Anesthesia in Cats?


What Is the Typical Care for Cats After Anesthesia?

Postoperative care following general anesthesia is aimed at returning the patient to normal function. Most patients are hypothermic (cold) and heat support is provided until the patient can maintain his own body temperature. Pain control is also standard care. Some procedures will produce postoperative pain so medication is used to keep the patient comfortable. General nursing care is also provided to keep the patient clean and comfortable.

Postoperative care following a local anesthetic is minimal. If a significant amount has been administered in one leg, the animal may be lame for a short period of time. Most animals return to normal within 30 minutes after administration of the local anesthetic.

How Long Is the Hospital Stay Following Anesthesia?

The length of stay in the hospital following general anesthesia depends on the type of procedure performed. Dental procedures usually do not require an overnight stay. More invasive procedures such as intestinal foreign body removal or fracture repair usually require a stay of one to several days.

Animals receiving local anesthetic rarely stay in the hospital for any length of time.


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