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3 Reasons Kittens May Benefit from Pet Insurance

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Any cat owner will tell you there’s more than a little truth to the old adage about their curiosity. Unfortunately, this taste for adventure and excitement can get cats into trouble. Around 1 in 3 pets requires emergency care each year. These mishaps, which include (but certainly aren’t limited to) cuts, scrapes, broken bones, and poisoning, leave pet parents with bills averaging between $800 and $1500. For a majority of American pet parents, these fees are difficult or impossible to manage alone. Thanks to pet insurance, dog and cat owners don’t need to go it alone and risk the heartbreaking choice between their pets and their wallets.

A growing number of pet lovers have recognized that pet insurance policies can offer protection for curious cats of all breeds and ages. While it’s never a bad time to consider pet insurance, the earlier the better.

Pay Less

Pet insurance premiums are determined by a range of factors and some providers offer the opportunity to customize payment models. For example, enrollees may have the option to select high-deductible/low-premium plans or vice versa.

Among the factors that help set a cat’s premium are their breed, age, and ZIP code. Age plays perhaps the largest role in determining how much policyholders will pay. In general, the younger the cat the lower premium. Why? Because healthy young kittens require less in the way of medical treatment, and they’re less expensive for both providers and policyholders to insure.

When it comes to pet insurance, proactivity tends to pay off. It’s best to begin researching pet insurance as soon as you’ve welcomed a new cat home or to discuss the subject at the vet’s office during your pet’s first visits.

Save on Necessities

Kittens aren’t likely to suffer from chronic ailments or require an assortment of medications, but that doesn’t mean your new cat won’t run up a hefty medical bill. New cat owners spend a lot of time at the veterinarian as they safeguard their pet’s vulnerable immune systems and prepare them for a happy, healthy life.

During their early weeks and months, cats visit the vet’s office for wellness examinations, preventive treatments against parasites like fleas and ticks, vaccines against common feline conditions, and procedures such as spaying, neutering, and microchipping. Pet insurance plans with wellness coverage may provide reimbursement to help owners cover some or all of these expenses.

Get Broader Coverage

Pet insurance policies get pricier as pets age and many providers impose coverage restrictions on older cats and dogs. Hereditary and congenital conditions, for example, may not qualify for reimbursement if symptoms first appeared prior to the date your pet’s policy took effect. That’s another reason it pays to review your options early. While conditions like cancer and diabetes aren’t the first things that come to mind when you’re spending time with your young, healthy kitten, they’re alarmingly common. 1 in 5 cats will experience a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. While pet insurance isn’t a preventive measure against injuries, illnesses, and other medical mishaps, any plan can help to mitigate the financial toll of providing for a pet’s care.

Reaching certain age milestones may mean losing access to certain policy features, such as coverage for hereditary conditions. When enrolling senior pets, owners often face a limited menu of options. Some have no choice but to settle for accident coverage alone.

Learn More About Pet Insurance Providers

The pet insurance industry is growing as pet parents invest in protecting their four-legged friends. Click here to learn more about pet insurance, assess your options, and select the best possible coverage for your kitten.

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