The Irreverent Vet Speaks Out on People That Don’t Like or HATE Cats

Some people don’t like cats. In fact some people absolutely hate cats.

Our personal feelings about pets tend to be quite strong. Bottom line, you either like cats or you don’t. But the real question is, to what degree? HOW MUCH do you like or dislike a cat?

As a vet, I’ve seen it all. There are people that absolutely, flat out, 100% HATE cats. It’s peculiar, but in my experience there are not many people that HATE dogs with the same degree of of intensity. Many cat haters are passionate about their feelings. I’ve seen and heard about people that go out of their way to purposely be mean to cats to the point that they actually try to inflict injury on them.

I’m the Irreverent Veterinarian. I give you my opinion and speak the truth whether pet owners or other veterinarians like it or not. In this article, I’d like to address this question. Why is it that some people simply do not like cats?

Cats are mysterious. I think they can seem a bit scary and sneaky to people that don’t understand cat behavior. Cats also have very good survival instincts. The behaviors that some people see as scary and mysterious are the same characteristics that make other people love cats. They can be serene, majestic and independent.

I really think people dislike cats because they simply don’t understand them, or they just haven’t been around cats so they are a bit scared or intimidated. These people don’t understand cat behavior.

By the way, I think it is terrible that some people are mean to cats (or to any living creature for that matter). It’s disgraceful, and I think they should be prosecuted for it (but that is a different discussion).

For those of you that are not crazy about cats, I’d like to make a point.

A cat is not a cat.

This is really true. Cats are not all the same. Some cats are evasive and exhibit typical “cat” behavior where everything must be on their terms. These cats like to be petted, but only on t heir terms. You can only pet them when and where THEY want to be petted. This drives some people crazy.

But all cats are not like that.

Some cats are more like dogs – very loving and affectionate.

It is AMAZING how many cat haters turned into absolute cat LOVERS over the years once they get to know a cat. For some reason, it seems like most of the cat haters I’ve met over the years have been men. I don’t know why this is true but it is. And I’ve seen many of these same men eventually figure out that cats aren’t so bad. Believe it or not they have become some of my best cat owners! They end up being cat crazy. I’ve had several people confide to me that they were once cat haters and then somehow a cat came into their lives and totally stole their hearts.

As recently as last week a gentleman named Joe who was cleaning the carpets in the office told me about his cat “Bud”. He found Bud abandoned along the roadside. Bud was so little that he fit in the palm of Joe’s hand. Joe hated cats. He saw something moving and stopped to see what it was. It turned out to be a cat. Joe took it home to have his wife find it a home or take it to a shelter. Joe told his wife that she could keep the cat long enough to nurse it back to health but then the cat had to go!

Joe’s wife really wanted to keep the cat. Eventually he agreed, but said that Bud could not stay in the house. No way. But before long, Bud came inside and STAYED inside. Then Joe really put his foot down and said Bud could not get up on the furniture. Now, Bud lays on or beside Joe in the recliner every night to watch TV. Joe was really starting to come around but one last time he put his foot down and said that Bud could NOT sleep in their bed. But before long, Bud was sleeping in their bed and snuggling down under the covers, which Joe happily obliges. It was really sweet to see how Joe’s face lit up as he told me about Bud. I wish I had a video to show you. And this guy was a total cat hater.

This story is not uncommon. If most people would give cats a chance, they would find that “a cat is not a cat”.

Bud greets Joe at the door. He begs for food and really likes popcorn. He follows Joe from room to room. Not typical cat behavior as many would define it, but cat lovers know this type of behavior is not uncommon.

I have a cat that fetches, greets me at the door and acts like a dog.

My Final Thoughts On People That Don’t Like Cats

I think most people that don’t like cats have never really known a cat. I also believe that anyone who purposely abuses cats (or any animal) should be criminally punished. It is unacceptable and mean. There is a strong correlation between people that abuse pets and people. For more information, go to: Silent Victims of Family Abuse: The Role of Pets in Violence.

So if you dislike cats, all I ask is that you give them a chance. You may be surprised.


The Irreverent Vet is a columnist that regularly contributes to The goal is to add a balanced and alternative view of some controversial pet issues. Veterinarians can’t usually speak their mind without offending some clients. This commentary allows vets to say what’s on their mind and to give you, the pet owner, the opportunity to consider another point of view. All opinions are those of the Politically Incorrect Vet not the views of and are not endorsed by