What is the Best Cat Food Brand? – Vet’s Advice On Cat Food Brands

Dr. Debra – I don’t know what to feed my cat. What do you think is the best cat food brand?

Robin R. Lancaster, PA

Dear Robin,

Thanks for your question. You asked a very good and common question – what is the best cat food brand? That is a difficult question to answer but I’ll give you my opinion on cat food brands.

The most important thing you can do is to feed a good quality premium food. These foods tend to be very consistent from bag to bag and these companies work to ensure there is a consistent formulation that provides required vitamins and nutrients.

In general, premium cat food brands tend to be better quality than common store or off cat food brands.

There is no regulating body that checks that the different cat food brands are nutritionally balanced and contain high quality ingredients or that they maintain any type of consistency. Historically, many pets have become ill from being fed poor quality foods.

Premium cat food brands tend to stick to high quality ingredients, are balanced and consistent from bag to bag. My favorite premium cat food brands (ones I use on my own pets) include Hills Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, and Waltham products.

Dr. Debra